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Welcome! Being aware of the value of a tidy and healthy house, our staff is committed to provide excellent carpet cleaning services catered to your requirements. Whether you need a complete deep clean, are struggling with pet odours or stains that won’t go away.
Our pride at Buon Cleaning is providing safe for your family and pets environmentally friendly carpet cleaning methods. Modern technology and cutting edge methods are used by our skilled experts to guarantee that your carpets are not only clean but also chemical-free.

Do you want the carpets in your Nottingham house to be immaculate and the rooms to smell good? You just have to phone us! Our extensive selection of excellent carpet cleaning services will maintain the best possible appearance of your house and restore your carpets to like new.

Carpet Cleaning Nottingham
carpet cleaner nottingham

Carpet Cleaning Services in Nottingham

Professional Carpet Cleaning: To make sure we take all the dirt, dust and allergens out of your carpets, our deep cleaning service uses steam cleaning that considered a strong type of hot water extraction.

Same-Day Carpet Cleaning: sometimes you do just want a new carpet, and don’t worry we understand. Maybe you’re in a hurry, but have still got some time for us to clean your carpets – then why not go for our same-day service?

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning: Our concerns are the surroundings and your health. We therefore exclusively clean your house and family with non-toxic, ecologically friendly materials.

Upholstery Cleaning: We do more than just clean carpets! Your couches, chairs and other upholstered furniture can be restored to their original splendour thanks to our trained upholstery cleaning staff.

Rug Cleaning: we have the tools and skills to restore oriental rugs to their original beauty.

NOTE: Clients who use our carpet cleaning services also book Upholstery cleaning Service So you can have all these items cleaned in one sitting by the same technician. Our domestic cleaning services also include carpet cleaning for a full-home refresh.

Why Consider Carpet Cleaning?

Health Benefits

Nottingham clean removes allergens, boosting air quality for a healthier you & family.

Improved Air Quality

Breathe easier! We remove allergens & dust mites, promoting healthier airways for you and your family.

Extends Carpet Lifespan

Deep clean revives tired carpets! Pro cleaning removes dirt, extends life, & keeps them looking fresh.

Enhanced Appearance

Fresh & Bright Carpets! Pro cleaning removes dirt, revives colors, and lifts the whole look of your home.

Eliminates Odours

Banish lingering odours! Our Nottingham carpet cleaning tackles tough pet smells, smoke, and everyday mustiness. Breathe easy with fresh, deodorized carpets.

Prevents Mould Growth

Eliminate mould threats! Our Nottingham carpet cleaning removes moisture that fuels mould growth, promoting a healthier home environment.

Why Choose Buon Cleaning?

Buon Cleaning Experienced and Certified Technicians: The people who clean our carpets have been trained and qualified to make sure they do a great job.

Safe and Effective Cleaning Solutions: We clean with products that are safe for the earth, your family, and your pets.

Competitive Prices: Our prices for our high-quality carpet cleaning services are fair.

Excellent Customer Service: We are dedicated to giving our customers the best service possible. We will pay attention to your wants and needs and do everything we can to go above and beyond what you expect.

Pet-Friendly: Every family has a pet that they love, but they can leave smells and spots that are hard to get rid of. Our services for getting rid of pet stains are meant to get rid of these problems, leaving your carpets clean and fresh.

carpet cleaners nottinghamshire
Here are some reasons why you should choose us for carpet cleaning

Buon Cleaning Preferred Carpet Cleaners

Carpet Care Experts

Our highly skilled technicians handle different types of carpets with care, specializing in carpet cleaning.

Cutting-Edge Cleaning

Cleaning in the 21st century in Nottingham provides new hi-tech cleaning with advanced vacuuming for cameras that purify your carpets for a clean, fresh environment.

Tailored Solutions

Since every carpet is different, we tailor our cleaning to your carpet's specific needs.

Quality Equipment

To achieve better outcomes, we use extraction machines as well as heavy-duty steam-cleaning equipment that we purchase together with the latest in carpet cleaners.

Quick Drying

Our advanced drying process reduces disturbances to your regular routine, enabling you to get back to enjoying your newly cleaned carpets faster.

Customer Feedback

What Our Customer's say About Us.

Amazing working on my sofas cleaning! Thank you for your help lads, highly recommended
Farooq Mario
Farooq Mario
Good job and helpful work force
Faten Amore
Faten Amore
This is amazing service in United Kingdom.they done really very good job
farooq samina
farooq samina
So heard work force-the done very good job -
ACDC Lettings
ACDC Lettings
Came out to clean a property within 18 hours and clean the oven at the tenants request for no additional charge. Very well price. Highly recommend.


We offer a comprehensive range of carpet cleaning services, including deep cleaning, stain removal, odor elimination, and eco-friendly options. Our team is equipped to handle residential and commercial carpet cleaning needs.

Our eco-friendly carpet cleaning methods use biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning solutions that are safe for your family and pets. We also employ energy-efficient equipment to reduce our carbon footprint.

While we strive to remove all stains, the outcome can depend on the type of stain, how long it’s been set, and the carpet’s material. We use specialized techniques to tackle tough stains, with a high success rate.

Absolutely! Our technicians are IICRC certified and regularly trained in the latest carpet cleaning techniques to ensure the highest quality of service.

Typically, carpets take about 6-10 hours to dry completely. However, this can vary based on the carpet type, cleaning method used, and ventilation. We recommend keeping the area well-ventilated to speed up the drying process.

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Trustworthy and Dependable Cleaning Services
Trustworthy and Dependable Cleaning Services